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Dear, Friends
Thank you for keeping up via our newsletter. We're so excited to see God answering so many prayers. Enjoy reading about a few of the great things God is doing!

From Our Executive Director

We at Sanctified Hope see all our needs being met every day through wonderful churches, friends or families. Because Sanctified Hope is the only Reentry home/Program for women in Parker County, we are recognized by county and city government as well as business leaders as a ministry meeting a major problematic social issue. Recidivism, released offenders returning to prison, is common in the United States. More than half (56.7%) were arrested by the end of their first year. Sanctified Hope, under the leadership of the Lord, will improve these national statics.

All of the Sanctified Hope Curriculum is Bible-Based and has been chosen to help the program participants address issues from their past. They will have the opportunity to experience healing, find their true-identity in Christ and learn skills to help them make better life and relational decisions. Also through a partnership with Parker County Center of Hope, education and career-development classes will be a part of our program.

Each of us involved with Sanctified Hope ministry has experienced very difficult situations in our personal lives. As we trust God, we have experienced that He has a wonderful plan for our life and He is constantly directing circumstances and maneuvering people to ensure that his purpose is achieved. Thank you for your prayers, your participation and your friendship. We also are very grateful for each of you who faithfully send your financial pledge each month.

Singing His Praises,
Sue Moreland

News from the Home

We had some great help cleaning and painting the side of the duplex where the first 6 women will live. We have been extremely busy at Sanctified Hope getting applications ready and sent out to potential women to fill our first 6 beds.

We moved donated furniture to the duplex and did repairs with the help of Handy Helpers from Trinity Bible church..

Learning to Give

The 3rd and 4th grade girls Sunday school classes at Trinity Bible Church were studying about sacrificial giving and bought 6 gifts from Bed Bath and Beyond for our women to use in the home. We were brought to tears as they presented their gifts. We have a registry there under housewarming gifts. First name Sanctified, last name- Hope. You may go and buy gifts to help furnish our home anytime you like and have it sent to us, or bring it to us.

Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting - June 23rd

We will have a ribbon cutting at the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce on June 23rd at 11:00. We would love for many people to be there to support us. We will have special refreshments. Thank you for your prayers, your participation and your friendship. We also are very grateful for each of you who faithfully send your financial pledge each month.

The Board of Sanctified Hope
Janet Duvall, Mike Conner and John Gordon

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