Who We Are

Our Background:

As long-term volunteers in prison and jail ministries, we have seen first-hand the lack of resources available to returning citizens- especially women. While working with women who were soon to be released, we realized their battles were far from over. Many of the women expressed great fear of returning to a life in their former environment. We experienced the sadness of seeing some of the ladies returning to the correctional system.

Our Approach:

Sanctified Hope Home for Women provides a safe, learning environment for women who have recently been released from prison. Through a 12-18 month Christ-centered program, women journey to freedom and success. They will participate in Bible-based discipleship training, vocational classes, job training, volunteer programs, which will then lead to full-time employment.

Impact of Program:

Qualitative Impact on Participants

  • Gain Godly wisdom to make good decisions
  • Feel a stronger sense of social connectedness
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Feel a greater sense of self-worth and become more optimistic
  • Learn valuable skills through educational opportunities and job training
  • Learn to become a leader
  • Make progress towards self-sufficiency
  • More equipped to meet life challenges
  • Learn to live in peace and harmony with others
  • Become productive tax-paying citizens